Red Lake County Info

 Red Lake County is in the northwestern part of Minnesota, United States. As recorded in the 2010 United States Census, the population stood at 4,089, making it the third least populated county in Minnesota. Its county seat is Red Lake Falls. Established on December 24, 1896, from sections of Polk County, Red Lake County derives its name from the Red Lake River. Red Lake Falls, the designated county seat, had been incorporated as a village in 1881. The county boasts two sites on the National Register of Historic Places: the courthouse and Clearwater Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Red Lake River flows southward into the county from Pennington, meeting the Clearwater River near Red Lake Falls. The combined flow, still known as the Red Lake River, flows southwestward to Huot, joined by the Black River, which drains the northwestern part of the county. The Red Lake River then flows southwestward into Polk County. The topography of the county is characterized by gentle undulations. marked by gullies and drainages. Agriculture dominates land use.

Although named Red Lake County, the area has only one named lake: Moran Lake, located near Huot. Uniquely, Red Lake County is the only landlocked county in the United States (excluding those on international borders) that borders precisely two other counties.

brown trees beside body of water during daytime
brown trees beside body of water during daytime

Useful Websites

  1. Red Lake County Official Website This is the official website of Red Lake County, providing information on county services, departments, and local resources. It includes updates on county news, upcoming events, and important announcements for residents.

  2. Red Lake County Sheriff's Office, The Red Lake County Sheriff's Office website offers information on law enforcement services, crime prevention, and public safety initiatives within the county. You can also find contact information for the Sheriff's Office and submit crime tips through their online portal.

  3. Red Lake Falls Public Schools This website represents the Red Lake Falls School District, which serves students in Red Lake County. It provides information about the district's schools, academic programs, extracurricular activities, and other resources for students, parents, and educators.

  4. Red Lake County Public Health Red Lake County Public Health offers a range of health services and programs to promote the well-being of county residents. The website provides information on immunizations, emergency preparedness, nutrition education, and other health-related services.

  5. The University of Minnesota Extension - Red Lake County The University of Minnesota Extension office in Red Lake County offers educational programs and resources to support community development, agriculture, natural resources, and youth development. The website provides information on workshops, classes, and events available to Red Lake County residents.

  6. Red Lake County Arrest Records Search This website provides a search tool for Red Lake County warrants and arrest records, allowing users to access public information on individuals with outstanding warrants or arrest records within the county. This resource is helpful for ensuring personal safety, conducting background checks, and keeping informed about local law enforcement activities.

  7. Red Lake Watershed District, The Red Lake Watershed District website, focuses on the management and protection of water resources in Red Lake County and its surrounding areas. It provides information on water quality, flood control, and other initiatives that aim to preserve the county's natural resources for future generations.